Treating Sexual Problems

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Sexual intimacy is an important part of humanity and is a fundamental part of any intimate relationship. Many marital and relationship problems stem from male sexual dysfunction. Many sexual problems can be treated, especially those resulting from physical causes. The variety of herbal products on the market makes it possible for persons to use alternative methods if they prefer.

Types of Sexual Problems

Some sexual problems are similar for both males and females while there are some that are gender-specific. There are four types of sexual dysfunctions, namely:

    Sexual arousal disorders
    Desire disorders
    Orgasm disorders
    Pain disorders

The two main types of non-gender-based problems are:

    Low or lack of sex drive (low libido)
    Difficulty reaching an orgasm
    Sexual problems in men

For men the main sexual dysfunctions are:

    Erectile dysfunction (Impotence): This is the inability to get or maintain an erection for satisfactory completion of a sexual act.
    Premature ejaculation: This refers to a condition where the male achieves orgasm almost immediately at the beginning of a sex act, sometimes before penetration is achieved
    Delayed ejaculation: this is the inability of the man to ejaculate during sex

Sexual problems in females

Women also have their share of female-related sexual difficulties. While generally less known, they also bring distress to sufferers. For women the main issues are:

    Lack of or diminished desire
    Difficulty having an orgasm
    Painful intercourse

Causes of Sexual Problems

The causes of sexual problems are many and can be psychological as well as physical. Causes also change as people get older.

Psychological Causes:

    Emotional problems such as infidelity
    Past sexual abuse

 Physical Causes:

    Ill health
    Drug or alcohol abuse

Treatment Options for Sexual Problems

There are a number of ways to treat sexual dysfunctions. In men the treatment administered is generally different than it is for females. These include herbal sexual enhancement products and libido enhancers.

In Women

Unlike men there are not yet any prescription medications for treating sexual problems in women. The main treatment options for sexual problems in females include:

    Teaching stimulation techniques
    Minimizing pain: Some females are afraid of the pain that may be associated with intercourse. These are generally of two types, namely, dyspareunia and vaginismus. Dyspareunia is painful intercourse and vaginismus is where the vaginal walls contract making intercourse difficult or extremely painful.

Controlling or minimizing pain calls for learning new techniques that allow the female to control how deep penetration is. In some cases lubricant is needed to reduce friction. There is also a growing market for female sex enhancement pills.

Treatment options include:

     Overcoming fear and sexual anxiety
    Prescription medication: There are now many prescription medications, primarily sildenafil citrate available for men.
    Hormonal supplementation: Many sexual dysfunctions are due to hormonal imbalance. The most important
    hormonal issue is lack of or lower than required amount of the male hormone, testosterone.
    Counseling and education: Knowing about sex and causes of problems can help men overcome non-physical causes of sexual problems.

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In some cases sexual problems can be treated successfully depending on the cause of the dysfunction. For instance where fatigue is the underlying cause, energy pills may be part of the solution.

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